Has Halsey Escaped Tumblr Girl Purgatory?

Miss Demetria Lovato is coming, but will she stick the landing? Two homosexuals with taste break down her return, share a firsthand account of Halsey’s #ManicTheExperience along with an album review, celebrate Roddy Ricch’s pop-star swatting reign at #1 on the charts, and drag Eminem to hell and back for an ugly lyric about Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert bombing. And no shade to Selena Gomez stans, but how the hell do you pronounce Selenators?

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Normalize Straight Bottoms OnlyStans

Ryan and Taylor reunite for their first full-length episode since 2020!  The two stans discuss the meteoric rise of SZA, the Ariana Grande/Weeknd joint album that needs to happen, Shakira becoming a main pop girlie AGAIN, Katy Perry's political voting history, Ben Platt's controversial new musical, and reveal their embarrassing top 5 songs from their On Repeat playlist. And do straight bottoms exist?? Let's unpack… Remember to check out this week's updated OnlyBops playlist! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/46MJaj5p8KvxrGYm2T0W47?si=c13e2cde53a249b1
  1. Normalize Straight Bottoms
  2. Is Bebe Rexha the Next Main Pop Girlie?
  3. The Great Stan War of 2020: Barbz vs The Hive
  4. Bad Bunny's Drag Race & Dua Lipa's Dancefloor Manifesto
  5. Give Megan Thee Stallion Her Check!
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The Great Stan War of 2020: Barbz vs The Hive

The Great Stan War of 2020 has concluded and “Say So” came out on top, but what does that mean for the song’s producer, Kesha’s alleged abuser? Your favorite stans break down the Barbz vs. The Hive streaming wars, the birth of the antichrist (Grimes & Elon Musk’s baby), Lady Gaga giving the gays everything…

Bad Bunny’s Drag Race & Dua Lipa’s Dancefloor Manifesto

*Cardi B voice* “CORONAVIRUS!” Dua Lipa is here to save pop with Future Nostalgia while we dance in social isolation. Lady Gaga canceled Earth and is pushing back long-anticipated album Chromatica. Bad Bunny gets in drag for the latest music video from his critically acclaimed YHLQMDLG, but is it appropriation? And what the hell is…

Give Megan Thee Stallion Her Check!

Our queen “finesser and fly dresser” got finessed by her record label??? We riot at dawn, but let’s talk about what the hell is going on with Thee Stallion’s contract. Normani went toe to toe with the Camila & The Racists along with her inner saboteur in a new interview. ALL I EVER WANTED WAS…

Gays and Gospel and Girl Groups (Oh My!)

Stop letting the Pussycat Dolls flop! Ryan and Taylor dig deep into the history of groups in the American music market, along with Justin Bieber’s foray into gospel (but not that album, y’all can keep it), Dula Peep’s questionable promotional tactics, and the beginning of the reigns of new pop queens Blue Ivy Carter and…


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