Ryan and Taylor, two homosexuals with taste™, dive into the deep end of pop culture, new music, and general shit-talk. No one knows the industry quite like these two stans. New episodes every week wherever you find your podcasts, and check out our playlist updated weekly!

The Great Stan War of 2020: Barbz vs The Hive

The Great Stan War of 2020 has concluded and “Say So” came out on top, but what does that mean for the song’s producer, Kesha’s alleged abuser? Your favorite stans break down the Barbz vs. The Hive streaming wars, the birth of the antichrist (Grimes & Elon Musk’s baby), Lady Gaga giving the gays everything…

Bad Bunny’s Drag Race & Dua Lipa’s Dancefloor Manifesto

*Cardi B voice* “CORONAVIRUS!” Dua Lipa is here to save pop with Future Nostalgia while we dance in social isolation. Lady Gaga canceled Earth and is pushing back long-anticipated album Chromatica. Bad Bunny gets in drag for the latest music video from his critically acclaimed YHLQMDLG, but is it appropriation? And what the hell is…

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